Friday, December 26, 2008

And then there were non...

Well all the puppies have gone to their new homes. The last boy Volcano--now Macgraw is living locally with a nice family that has another border collie. They also have 4 kids to keep him busy!

The puppy room is always seems so weird when they are gone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Mud

Its been warmer than usual, and raining. Yesterday we had a little ice storm... and now we have frozen mud! well i guess you would call it slush. This is what happens when dogs run around in it :)

Sprint and Drive


Whats with the tounges?

Rock, doing some fancy footwork



This is what happens when mud is frozen :) Razor



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flyball Dec 5-6

We had a special guest come and run with us!! Drive's sister Indy! It was great to meet her and Deborah. We had some great racing and ran some new best times!! With Indy our we got our fastest time of 17.16! We tried the best we could to break that 17 second time! I think with our main team dogs back in shape for the spring... we will do it!

Here are Drive and Indy... they always looked like twins when they were babies... and still are so much alike! As you can see.... Drive is a bit taller :)

Kathy Knox Dec 2-4

I had a great opportunity to go to a herding clinic with Kathy Knox. So i loaded up a bunch o'dogs and headed to Maryland for 3 days.
It was a great group of people and dogs to spend the time with!
Rock was the star :) He worked beautifully, and after those three days he just looked amazing! Afraid of screwing him up :) I had Kathy work him mostly... at the end i was more comfortable, and she would offer help from the sidelines. Of course she had him driving at least 100 yards away! Now that i can see it, it will be easier for me in our training to get to that level!
Splash had a turn, and she was her wonderful self :) She is now 5 1/2, she is very natural and very hard headed! she likes to tell me that i don't know what i am talking about!! She is an excellent farm and chore dog and when we are at the farm i will use her more for moving and separating.
Meg had a turn also. i wanted to get a more professional opinion :) she is lovely and has moments of just beautiful work. but her past usually gets in the way. she just has a hard time trusting people and can't get out of her head to relax enough.
Corrie got to go next. He is such a joy to work with!!! While with all of my other dogs i'm running and my timing is just BAD, with him he is soooo controlled and steady i can get where i need to be and its not a race! She did have me shake things up for him :) getting the sheep to bust around and get him moving faster :)
and then Little Speed :) I am so happy with how he is turning out!! He has so much talent, and just looks fabulous! I was also very happy that his "grandma" susanne - who owned Race's dad Roy-- got to see him. he did really well, and only had 1 mommy moment :) Kathy came in to help me with him and all of a sudden he thought i was lost!! We all had a good laugh about this... Speed's uncle Burn was also there. He also thought that when Kathy came into the picture that his mom Amy fell through a trap door! Its very funny how much the are a like!
I can't wait to go back !!!

The puppies

Dash and Kiva's puppies are now 8.5 weeks old. All but three have gone to their new homes!
Steele (was Quake) is now living with Jan and Uncle Trace (who is a Race son) He is going to do agility. Steve(was Typhoon) is now living with Katie. He is going to do a bit of everything! Fly (was Tsunami) is living with Nick and Katie. He is going to be a flyball star :)
Tornado (staying Tornado) and Hurricane(now Twister) will be flying to Switzerland to Evelyn and Sandra. They will be doing agility.
We still have Volcano, who is looking for his perfect home! He is a very sweet boy, loves to cuddle, is pretty active but not over the top.
This litter was very fun! They all learned the potty box very quickly. I look forward to seeing them grow up!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Green Lane Sheepdog Trial

This weekend we braved the weather at the Green Lane trial. It's always a blast, and nothing... not even hurricane rain and wind will keep us away!!
Saturday started out well for us Novice handlers-- no rain :) The sheep that we use for this trial and not dogged at all! They are worked in the flock- but never in a trial type group(three's and four's) which made for some challenges! They also NEVER see a pen!! The Field is also pretty tricky. There is real heavy pressure behind the set out(where the set out pen is) and on the left side of the field(where the exhaust is!) The are nice enough to let the Novice dogs do a right side drive- which i have the hardest time with! I don't know, but i think it has to do with me being left handed-- i just work better on the left :)
So, Splash was first.. the sheep left before she even got to the top, but she got them to me. She still isn't totally driving- getting there! So i try to do a little assisted drive. She was a little wild, and just kept heading the sheep-back and forth she went!! that's as far as we got :) The sheep went into the "no fly zone" and we were called.
Rock decided that he could not lift! I was very happy with his outrun. He tends to be a little tight at the top, and we have been working on going out square and staying off. And also working on his impulsive self releasing to start! He stayed and waiting for me to send him.. and as he started to go out i could see him coming in, and he felt his sheep and corrected himself and pushed out! He ringed the sheep at the top of the outrun, and then busted right through them and it all went to hell after that! A running i went!!!
For the rest of the day we pretty much sat and did exhausting--see if we could remember what to do! They both did really well, Splash even got to push the sheep out and back to the set out pen. About halfway through the day---the rain started. and it POURED for hours!!! There were times of pretty good winds too. I stayed mostly dry, in my giant rain suit! Went through a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, 1 jacket and 1 NOT so rain prof rain coat. then pulled out the heavy duty stuff! the dogs were sitting out, soaking wet, but could care less! If wish i had some pictures!!
Sunday was MUCH better!! NO rain! perfect weather!
Splash was on the ball this time. she really covers pressure- so was short on her outrun, but it was the right place to stop! they did not get away. the fetch was a little hairy, but the drive was GREAT! i just let her cover the left side, and push them up! No pen, but she tried. Out of all the classes-- i think only 5-6 dogs TOTAL made the pen, including the Open dogs. And she placed Third!!!
Rock was better too. Still dove in and ringed the sheep at the top-not sure what is up his butt! But he was listening on the fetch and drive. the drive line was way off, and missed the panels but they were calm and he was calm and working nicely. He tried really hard at the pen too, SOOO close!! and he placed 5Th!!
We did some more exhausting, enjoyed the weather, and the Scottish Irish festival that was going on. All in all, a good weekend!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Over due

We went to a trial in March, in Virginia. Pictures are way overdue! In Novice with the VBCA you have to wear on the drive. One thing i don't do well... walk backwards! I have a hard enough time walking in a straight line foward!
Here is Rock.. lift is a little off. She sheep REALLY wanted to head to the right--where the set out/exhaust pen was. Rock also doens't not outrun Away very well.. so going Come Bye pushed them a little.After the turn at the post... still wanting to head to the right.. trying to get them back online.

Since Rock was feeling especially pushy this day, the sheep were right on me when i got to the pen. They did go in.
Now Splash's turn. Splash setting up for the outrun.
On the Fetch... still a little offline, but much more control.
And me... that backwards thing... a little off line :)
On the way to the pen, which we did get. The pen was in a bad spot for pictures. Splash placed 5th and 6th.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So some fun things have been going on around here! The long awaited little girl is here :) And she is just wonderful! She has taken up her genetic right of passage... by sleeping under the computer desk. She follows me and lies by my feet where ever i am. I think grandma is going to be proud of her.

some funny things....being a full sibling to Drive i thought these pictures were interesting!
Sprint her first night..
Drive his first night!

Drive found a good place for a nap....

And so has Sprint!

It will be fun to so how a like they are as she grows!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its been a while!

OK, so i've realized that i'm a blog slacker! We've actually be really busy and i just plain forgot! So lest back up a little. The weekend of may 31-June 1 we were at an agility trial. Speed got a Q in Standard, and Jumpers. Dash got to run with Tory for the first time :) He was VERY excited! They had some really nice runs, with a little more practice they will be hard ot beat :)

June 14-15 we were at the USDAA NE Regionals. Speed got his AD, and SJ titles!! Dash and Tory had some more really nice runs. Dash just seemed off, so after a visit with the PT he felt much better!! Their last jumpers run was perfect, except for one dropped bar.

June 21-22 we were at the biggest flyball party around! The Coconut Classic! IT was the first time we ran 2 teams, and the first time we ran the line ups! The dogs all did great, and we even got a few titles!

Unfortunatly on June 12th, we said good bye to Race's mom, Sprint. She was one of the most amazing dogs i have ever known and i loved her like she was my own! Its becasue of her that i have Race and i can't be any more greatful.

But then on June 22 we had some unexpected arrivals! A few days early, but all doing well :) Race's newest additions to the world! It is a repeat breeding of Drive, from Ignited Border Collies. So i decided the most fitting name for my last entry of a Race kid would be Sprint. To carry on her Grandma's legacy! And here she is!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Saying HI!

Ok, i thought i start with a quick picture update :) First the old man, poor Race... he had an eye ulcer that wasn't healing, so he had to have a little surgery and now has this thing that he has to keep on. its very sad.. poor buddy!

So here is the crew enjoying the weather!

First we have Mr. Drive! And Spark

Here is Rock ... and Little Speed!, being stealthy...

Next is Pixel and Meg..being Flat!

And Splash being FAT!!! With Rim... being gorgeous :)

Now Kiva..waiting for the ball(being stared at by Spy) and Corrie...also waiting for the ball!

And Finally..Dash in his pool.. ok so maybe we need a bigger pool!

Not pictured are Razor and Sky who are visiting Grandma :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here we go....

OK, so this is my first attempt at "blogging". But i thought it would be a good way to let everyone know whats been going on! Short and sweet for now.. but there will be more!