Thursday, May 29, 2008

Just Saying HI!

Ok, i thought i start with a quick picture update :) First the old man, poor Race... he had an eye ulcer that wasn't healing, so he had to have a little surgery and now has this thing that he has to keep on. its very sad.. poor buddy!

So here is the crew enjoying the weather!

First we have Mr. Drive! And Spark

Here is Rock ... and Little Speed!, being stealthy...

Next is Pixel and Meg..being Flat!

And Splash being FAT!!! With Rim... being gorgeous :)

Now Kiva..waiting for the ball(being stared at by Spy) and Corrie...also waiting for the ball!

And Finally..Dash in his pool.. ok so maybe we need a bigger pool!

Not pictured are Razor and Sky who are visiting Grandma :)

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