Thursday, June 26, 2008

Its been a while!

OK, so i've realized that i'm a blog slacker! We've actually be really busy and i just plain forgot! So lest back up a little. The weekend of may 31-June 1 we were at an agility trial. Speed got a Q in Standard, and Jumpers. Dash got to run with Tory for the first time :) He was VERY excited! They had some really nice runs, with a little more practice they will be hard ot beat :)

June 14-15 we were at the USDAA NE Regionals. Speed got his AD, and SJ titles!! Dash and Tory had some more really nice runs. Dash just seemed off, so after a visit with the PT he felt much better!! Their last jumpers run was perfect, except for one dropped bar.

June 21-22 we were at the biggest flyball party around! The Coconut Classic! IT was the first time we ran 2 teams, and the first time we ran the line ups! The dogs all did great, and we even got a few titles!

Unfortunatly on June 12th, we said good bye to Race's mom, Sprint. She was one of the most amazing dogs i have ever known and i loved her like she was my own! Its becasue of her that i have Race and i can't be any more greatful.

But then on June 22 we had some unexpected arrivals! A few days early, but all doing well :) Race's newest additions to the world! It is a repeat breeding of Drive, from Ignited Border Collies. So i decided the most fitting name for my last entry of a Race kid would be Sprint. To carry on her Grandma's legacy! And here she is!

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