Friday, December 26, 2008

And then there were non...

Well all the puppies have gone to their new homes. The last boy Volcano--now Macgraw is living locally with a nice family that has another border collie. They also have 4 kids to keep him busy!

The puppy room is always seems so weird when they are gone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Mud

Its been warmer than usual, and raining. Yesterday we had a little ice storm... and now we have frozen mud! well i guess you would call it slush. This is what happens when dogs run around in it :)

Sprint and Drive


Whats with the tounges?

Rock, doing some fancy footwork



This is what happens when mud is frozen :) Razor



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Flyball Dec 5-6

We had a special guest come and run with us!! Drive's sister Indy! It was great to meet her and Deborah. We had some great racing and ran some new best times!! With Indy our we got our fastest time of 17.16! We tried the best we could to break that 17 second time! I think with our main team dogs back in shape for the spring... we will do it!

Here are Drive and Indy... they always looked like twins when they were babies... and still are so much alike! As you can see.... Drive is a bit taller :)

Kathy Knox Dec 2-4

I had a great opportunity to go to a herding clinic with Kathy Knox. So i loaded up a bunch o'dogs and headed to Maryland for 3 days.
It was a great group of people and dogs to spend the time with!
Rock was the star :) He worked beautifully, and after those three days he just looked amazing! Afraid of screwing him up :) I had Kathy work him mostly... at the end i was more comfortable, and she would offer help from the sidelines. Of course she had him driving at least 100 yards away! Now that i can see it, it will be easier for me in our training to get to that level!
Splash had a turn, and she was her wonderful self :) She is now 5 1/2, she is very natural and very hard headed! she likes to tell me that i don't know what i am talking about!! She is an excellent farm and chore dog and when we are at the farm i will use her more for moving and separating.
Meg had a turn also. i wanted to get a more professional opinion :) she is lovely and has moments of just beautiful work. but her past usually gets in the way. she just has a hard time trusting people and can't get out of her head to relax enough.
Corrie got to go next. He is such a joy to work with!!! While with all of my other dogs i'm running and my timing is just BAD, with him he is soooo controlled and steady i can get where i need to be and its not a race! She did have me shake things up for him :) getting the sheep to bust around and get him moving faster :)
and then Little Speed :) I am so happy with how he is turning out!! He has so much talent, and just looks fabulous! I was also very happy that his "grandma" susanne - who owned Race's dad Roy-- got to see him. he did really well, and only had 1 mommy moment :) Kathy came in to help me with him and all of a sudden he thought i was lost!! We all had a good laugh about this... Speed's uncle Burn was also there. He also thought that when Kathy came into the picture that his mom Amy fell through a trap door! Its very funny how much the are a like!
I can't wait to go back !!!

The puppies

Dash and Kiva's puppies are now 8.5 weeks old. All but three have gone to their new homes!
Steele (was Quake) is now living with Jan and Uncle Trace (who is a Race son) He is going to do agility. Steve(was Typhoon) is now living with Katie. He is going to do a bit of everything! Fly (was Tsunami) is living with Nick and Katie. He is going to be a flyball star :)
Tornado (staying Tornado) and Hurricane(now Twister) will be flying to Switzerland to Evelyn and Sandra. They will be doing agility.
We still have Volcano, who is looking for his perfect home! He is a very sweet boy, loves to cuddle, is pretty active but not over the top.
This litter was very fun! They all learned the potty box very quickly. I look forward to seeing them grow up!