Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kathy Knox Dec 2-4

I had a great opportunity to go to a herding clinic with Kathy Knox. So i loaded up a bunch o'dogs and headed to Maryland for 3 days.
It was a great group of people and dogs to spend the time with!
Rock was the star :) He worked beautifully, and after those three days he just looked amazing! Afraid of screwing him up :) I had Kathy work him mostly... at the end i was more comfortable, and she would offer help from the sidelines. Of course she had him driving at least 100 yards away! Now that i can see it, it will be easier for me in our training to get to that level!
Splash had a turn, and she was her wonderful self :) She is now 5 1/2, she is very natural and very hard headed! she likes to tell me that i don't know what i am talking about!! She is an excellent farm and chore dog and when we are at the farm i will use her more for moving and separating.
Meg had a turn also. i wanted to get a more professional opinion :) she is lovely and has moments of just beautiful work. but her past usually gets in the way. she just has a hard time trusting people and can't get out of her head to relax enough.
Corrie got to go next. He is such a joy to work with!!! While with all of my other dogs i'm running and my timing is just BAD, with him he is soooo controlled and steady i can get where i need to be and its not a race! She did have me shake things up for him :) getting the sheep to bust around and get him moving faster :)
and then Little Speed :) I am so happy with how he is turning out!! He has so much talent, and just looks fabulous! I was also very happy that his "grandma" susanne - who owned Race's dad Roy-- got to see him. he did really well, and only had 1 mommy moment :) Kathy came in to help me with him and all of a sudden he thought i was lost!! We all had a good laugh about this... Speed's uncle Burn was also there. He also thought that when Kathy came into the picture that his mom Amy fell through a trap door! Its very funny how much the are a like!
I can't wait to go back !!!

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