Saturday, December 13, 2008

The puppies

Dash and Kiva's puppies are now 8.5 weeks old. All but three have gone to their new homes!
Steele (was Quake) is now living with Jan and Uncle Trace (who is a Race son) He is going to do agility. Steve(was Typhoon) is now living with Katie. He is going to do a bit of everything! Fly (was Tsunami) is living with Nick and Katie. He is going to be a flyball star :)
Tornado (staying Tornado) and Hurricane(now Twister) will be flying to Switzerland to Evelyn and Sandra. They will be doing agility.
We still have Volcano, who is looking for his perfect home! He is a very sweet boy, loves to cuddle, is pretty active but not over the top.
This litter was very fun! They all learned the potty box very quickly. I look forward to seeing them grow up!

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