Saturday, August 23, 2008

Over due

We went to a trial in March, in Virginia. Pictures are way overdue! In Novice with the VBCA you have to wear on the drive. One thing i don't do well... walk backwards! I have a hard enough time walking in a straight line foward!
Here is Rock.. lift is a little off. She sheep REALLY wanted to head to the right--where the set out/exhaust pen was. Rock also doens't not outrun Away very well.. so going Come Bye pushed them a little.After the turn at the post... still wanting to head to the right.. trying to get them back online.

Since Rock was feeling especially pushy this day, the sheep were right on me when i got to the pen. They did go in.
Now Splash's turn. Splash setting up for the outrun.
On the Fetch... still a little offline, but much more control.
And me... that backwards thing... a little off line :)
On the way to the pen, which we did get. The pen was in a bad spot for pictures. Splash placed 5th and 6th.

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